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03:37:54 PM

If you love the way that Lotus' Domino Designer presents the "Replace Design" dialog, then don't vote to "Promote" my idea on IdeaJam.

If you love the flat display of an alphabetical list of NTFs that aren't master templates, followed by an alphabetical list of master templates, then don't vote to "Promote" my idea.

If you never have multiple versions of the same template inside your data directory, and therefore you don't have problems trying to differentiate between them by looking at the filename which is ellipsized in the middle (maybe that's "muncated" or "midcated"?) and therefore might not show that one critical node in the directory tree that differentiates the correct version, then don't vote to "Promote" my idea.

Otherwise, please consider it.

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1. cialis09/08/2016 11:17:48 AM

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