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11:23:49 PM

Tonight was the last night of Chanukah. Candles have been lit -- 44 in all, across the eight nights. Presents have been given, mostly. The two exceptions are a new desktop computer (an HP, of course) to replace the seven-year-old refurb machine that my younger daughter has been using (the FedEx tracking site says the base unit is in Connecticut tonight -- but the monitor is here and she knows the rest is coming)., and a new recliner for my wife (which will be chosen as soon as she has a free night when we can go to the store together, possibly tomorrow).

The rest of haul for the two kids includes an iPod Nano, a cell phone (with a lot of parentally-imposed restrictions on use), a Tom Tom GPS, a camera, a Yamaha folk guitar, and a variety of small chackes, books, clothing, etc.

Kids have been told that the stops were pulled out, past results are no guarantee of future performance, and not to expect to exceed this year's haul next year -- or perhaps ever.

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1. Curt Stone12/11/2007 09:51:02 AM

If your looking to adopt, I'd like a new iPod, GPS and a subwoofer for my car. Thanks Dad.
Sounds like the Schwartz are having a nice holiday.

2. Lars Olufsen12/12/2007 07:01:52 AM

@1 - ... not that you measure "niceness" from the amount of presents, of course.

@Richard. A great (albeit possibly na´ve) idea to tell the kids not to expect the same orgy next year. They're kids, though, and can't be blamed for wanting to experience such joy again.

Oh ... and woohoo on the acoustic guitar. I got one for my 8th birthday. Best present ever. Although I suspect that it was not for the kids?! Don't quit on the electrics, though ... you neven know when a JamFest appears!

3. Richard Schwartz12/12/2007 07:36:09 AM

@1 LOL! I did feel a bit funny this year about the fact that my kids are getting to the age where the presents they want are the presents I want

@2 I got my first acoustic guitar, also a Yamaha, more than 30 years ago; and it was replaced by my Martin more than 20 years ago. This new Yamaha is for me only in the sense that it will mean the Martin doesn't get borrowed quite so often.

4. Lars Olufsen12/13/2007 04:50:16 AM

@Richard ... clever plan.

I wish I could get my kids (or rather, my girlfriend's kids) to pick up an instrument. Sadly, the only instrument they are even remotely interested in, is the TV remote and switching to MTV.

Music is a blessing.

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