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09:31:38 AM

While taking a shower this morning/afternoon (depending on which time zone I consider myself to be in), I suddenly had an urge to find out whether "", "", etc. were registered. A fun game, I thought, would be to just run through the consonants and imagine what the site should be, and see if it is registered and what, if anything, is on the site. Bootube should have scary videos, and mootube should have cows, right?

Don't ask me why. It's just one of those things that fascinates the jet-lagged mind, I guess.

So I started checking. They are all registered. Most of the domains are parked, but they are all registered. A few bring up sites, some with surprising owners,< like PBS, which owns

When I got to "jootube", it occurred to me that I should check "" and see if it is registered, and indeed it is, and indeed it is a real site, and indeed it is more or less what you would expect it to be. And of course, that got me thinking about alternate spellings of other possible consonant-tube combinations, like "" and "", and "suetube" -- which should have videos advertising personal injury lawyers, etc. I thought I had one, with "" (as in Winnie the Pooh), but it is registered but not parked.

Then I started thinking of words that rhyme with "you", like "blue", "new" "few", "flu", so I started running through a bunch of them and they are also all registered. At least, all the ones I checked were -- but I didn't actually go find a rhyming dictionary and start entering every single one, so there might be a few. Some of them are very oddly redirected, like, which I thought might go to something related to Mountain Dew, but instead goes to the Amazon page for the latest Harry Potter book. (Can anyone explain that!?) And by the way. is registered, and somebody does have up and running and it isn't IBM, though it really should be, don't you think?

After trying a bunch of legitimate words, I finally found a nonsense word that rhymes with "you" and isn't registered with "tube": It's available for anyone who wants to register! What's "snoo"? I don't know. What's snoo with you? There's actually a site called The Daily Snoo, but they apparently haven't thought of registering yet. If they notice that they're getting this post as a referrer, though, I'll bet they might just go and do it.

Wanna play, too? Pick a word that rhymes with "you" and try it!

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1. JC12/18/2007 07:38:15 AM

you missed the obvious.. poohtube !

2. Richard Schwartz12/18/2007 08:40:32 AM

Ummm, no I didn't. See last sentence, 4th paragraph.

3. cialis_online12/06/2016 04:20:32 AM
Homepage: , - Tried to order for a free trial online and got .

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