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07:41:09 AM

In the middle of their really tight set, the cover band on stage right came out of Radio Radio and lit into Time Has Come Today, complete with a driving cowbell beat. But they segued quickly into Message In A Bottle, with no cowbell at all. Theyneed more cowbell

To my left, by the way, is long-time IBM Lotus Business Partner Eric Wilson. To my right is the ever-enlightening Jon Vaughan. Breakfast was with Bruce Elgort, and as per tradition -- albeit a coincidental one that is almost freakishly recurrent -- with Duffbert.

Somewhere along the line, a mini-skirt clad violinist joined the band, and now they're going into Roll Over Beethoven. She wasn't quite stacatto enough on the note that transitioned into the nod to Beethoven's Fifth at the finale, but somehow I doubt that most of the audience cares. Update Ed confirms my suspicion on this.

And now there's a full string section on stage, and what looks full orchestra in the pit with conductor -- the Orlando Symphony, of course -- and she's soloing quite impressively on some upbeat excerpts from Beethoven's 9th, segueing into Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, in which she traded licks wth the electric guitar player from the band. Then back into the Barber of Seville. (Thanks to Nathan for identifying this. I couldn't put my finger on it despite the familiarity -- mostly from Bugs Bunny .) Very impressive... and I am talking about the music -- even though it is rather loud, and there should be more cowbell.

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1. Ben Poole01/22/2008 04:45:57 AM

I have a lot of time and respect for any man who can work in a reference to that awesome sketch

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