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08:23:56 AM

Given that I'm the architect for an email archiving product, of all the sessions in Lotusphere this one is one of the ones that makes the most sense for me to attend. I've already had some NDA briefings from IBM about what their directions are, but I have to keep up with any changes, and it is also important for me to know exactly what they are saying in public so that I know how far I can go in discussing things with colleagues, partners and customers who aren't under the NDA. The speakers are Gary Rheaume and David Attardo, an engineer and manager respectively from the Domino server development team.

DAOS is the big news in the future of storage for Domino. Domino Attached Object Services will externalize attachments from an NSF file, storing them securely in the file system, and doing "de-duplification". That's something that the rest of the industry usually calls "de-duplication". IBM always makes things more complicated In addition to saving storage space, DAOS also saves a lot of i/o, as large objects only have to be written once, and references to externalized objects can be routed in messages or copied from note to note instead of full attachments. There is a small CPU cost to DAOS, but preliminary figures seem to indicate that it is well within acceptable range, especailly given the i/o savings.

DAOS clearly will have a big impact on players in the archiving business who target storage reduction in addition to compliance. The storage savings benefit to archiving customers will be smaller. It won't go away, though, because DAOS does de-duplication on a per-server basis, and because storage demands will keep going up and up. Still, it's something that we will have to think about an awful lot.

DAOS is moving forward toward release in Domino 8.5.

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1. Lars Olufsen01/30/2008 06:58:01 AM

Richard, how do you see DAOS impact on offerings like Commonstore for Domino?

2. Richard Schwartz01/30/2008 11:30:13 AM

For many customers, DAOS will dramatically reduce the burden of storage growth. This is not the only driver behind adoption of CommonStore or my company's own archival storage system, but it is obvious that it is a significant change in conditions. I can't really get into details here, but I think it is fair to say that archival storage products will have to compete primarily on other factors, and it will be a plus if they also improve upon the gains customers get from DAOS.

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