GoogleIt Mail IT Print IT PermaLinkMr. Chairman, I Did Not Inject Rocky Oliver With Human Growth Hormone
12:07:47 AM

In view of today's baseball doping hearings, and the fact that Rocky presented at the New England Lotus Notes/Domino SIG meeting this evening, I think it is appropriate to deny any accusations that I provided him with Human Growth Hormone.

And if anybody did give HGH to Rock, the evidence is clear that it was Human Geek Hormone, not Human Growth Hormone.

Apart from that, I just want to say that with all that is going on in this country and the world right now, I'm completely mystified as to why the US House of Representatives is holding hearings about doping in professional baseball. And I'm similarly mystified as to why Senator Arlen Spector, whom I have recently had fairly high regard for, is wasting his own and the US government's time pursuing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over the league's handling of the Patriots videotaping/signal-stealing incident.

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1. Turtle02/14/2008 02:40:28 AM

Lies, lies, lies, lies... uhhh... what was the question?

2. Curt Stone02/14/2008 11:55:03 AM

It really comes down to the fact that politicians love a spectacle to show off. This issue has all the drama and controversy they love. They had more reporters and on-lookers on this issue than any other in recent memory. Don't we have more important issues to tackle with more vigor?

3. Jerry Carter02/15/2008 08:24:30 AM

Take a look at the approval ratings for Congress and it's easy to understand. They are failing pretty miserably in the eyes of the American people, so they are making busy with SOMETHING to make it look like they are effective and earning their generous compensation.

Let's see... we could be talking about the economy - maybe get someone with more nickles in his head that Bernanke, look at some trade policy since complete and open free trade with China and other far flung nations (and Mexico) is killing us.

We could look at the education system... certainly injecting federal minimum guidelines for FISCAL LITERACY would be helpful at this juncture...

So many many better things they could be doing with their time besides grandstanding. No wonder their numbers are in the toilet.

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