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09:18:15 PM

Thanks to BleedYellow, I am starting to use Sametime regularly for the first time in a while, and Sametime 8 for the first time at all. It's also the first time I've tried using Sametime on a laptop that moves inside and outside of a corporate firewall on a daily basis, and that brings me to my question. Why does the list of connection options include "Use my Internet Explorer HTTP settings" but not "Use my Firefox HTTP settings". Or, more to the point, why does it not include "Use my Lotus Notes location settings"?

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1. Keith Brooks03/06/2008 12:23:39 AM

You pose good questions o Wise one. Firefox is probably not supported fully is my guess.
I would NOT want it to use my lotus location because I swap all day long, whihc is why i use the connect client, because the embedded one logs me out perpetually.

2. Lars Olufsen03/06/2008 06:26:09 AM

Very valid question, Richard!

I've always wondered, why proxy settings in general have to be so "finite"? Why not have a system where your network configuration upon first connection tries a "no proxy" configuration, and if that doesn't work, steps through known proxy configs.

Why does we have to set this for every single application and for every single location. It's not very clever!

3. Adam Gartenberg03/06/2008 09:37:58 AM

A good question - let me try to find an answer for you.

4. Chris Miller03/12/2008 12:44:00 PM

What you are asking for is multiple profiles based on your conenctivity. Sametime was origianlly designed as a behind the firewall, or MAYBE in the DMZ, type solution. Which then says you will have only one connection type. What we find is users that we manage/host/whatever are all over the palce and making it all straight Internet is the best way. Now, you work for a very large org so having them let you bypass a proxy for just this wouldn't fly

It is an enhancement request for sure for Adam to take to the team

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