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02:49:54 PM

Laptop theft is all too common, and I remember from my college days that things disappeared all too frequently. In the town in New Jersey where I grew up, the police department actually had a program called "Operation Identification", where you could bring things like televisions and stereos in to their headquarters, where someone would engrave your name and address on them to make them easy to identify if they were ever stolen and recovered. With my daughter leaving for college soon, I had called the Nashua Police Department to see if by any chance they had a similar service. The person I talked to had never even heard of the idea, though, so one of the things on my to-do list for today was to find a local engraver to put my daugther's name and phone number on her mandatory MacBool Pro.

And on a college campus where hundreds of kids have identitcal laptops, it's probably very easy to accidentally swap laptops with someone else, so even without the threat of theft, engaving a name and phone number unobtrusiively on the bottom of the laptop just seems like a good idea.

I took care of it at a local shop here in Nashau, Hudson Trophy Company. They did a great job quickly, and for a reasonable price. So, I figured I'd give them a shout-out here. If you need a laptop engraved, or anything else engraved, look them up.

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1. David Leedy08/29/2008 08:44:39 PM

Glad you got your daughters laptop engraved. Thats a smart thing to do at college. I'm dying to get my macbook pro engraved on the lid but I can't decide on a design I want to live with... and my wife has her own engraving business with a laser engraver!

Though I am really tempted to engrave the waffle guys on the lid...

2. Carlos02/17/2010 04:00:53 PM

We have been doing this for business and people for a while now. Either just a name and a phone under the laptop, or a really cool design on the top. The designs become so personal that everyone around recognizes your laptop.

You can reach us at 212-473-3616 in NYC.

3. leilei391502/28/2017 02:24:38 AM

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4. zzzzz02/28/2017 08:50:31 PM

5. jianbin101610/16/2017 06:21:00 AM

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