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10:41:48 PM

Since she's such an unknown quantity to, oh... about 99.9% of the US population, it's not surprising that there's been lots of fourth and fifth-hand talk about Sarah Palin going around today. Here, via Kevin Schofield, is something a little more enlightening, I think. Instead of being fourth or fifth-hand, its closer to second or third-hand It's a set of three blog entries written by an Alaskan, who at least has the advantage of having heard of Sarah Palin before today. The second of those links is the meaty one, with somewhat more specific detail than I've heard from any news outlet yet today. The other two are just opinion, somewhat biased, somewhat amusing,but definitely more informed than what's coming from the usual talking heads and pundits.

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1. John Head08/29/2008 11:34:36 PM

so three articles from a single blog, that leans more left than most of the folks in Chicago? Come on Richard ... there is nothing remotely non-biased here.

Personally, I feel bad. Why? Because if all you are going to do is post the political stuff you have over the past few days, I will have to delete your rss feed from FeedDemon. I read your blog for stuff about Domino. not politics. Free speech and everything .. your allowed to do whatever you want, I am allowed to stop reading.

2. David Vasta08/30/2008 01:03:58 AM

@ John - First off let me say not to remove the RSS feed and this is why, Richard all be it a bit hard to read politically at times is still posting what is interesting to him.

I don't fault him for posting what ever he likes on his blog and if that is the wrong or offends you, then you should have never read anything on Volkers blog because he is all over the place. (Sorry to drag you into the fray but it's only to make a point.)

We all have the right to post anything. His strength is Domino, might I also remind you that your WoW stuff may creep some people out as well, and I can't seem to find anything on your blog where people are asking you to lay off the games and WoW and post more Domino stuff. Fair is fair and while I don't agree with Richard the WoW stuff and the "nick name" do decrease the value of your site for me.

It's my opinion of course but I always read your blog for the things I do find interesting.

@ Richard - Thanks for finding three bloggers in Alaska who seem to dislike the new VP, Palin. That must have been hard to do?

While I have heard her speak and read what she has done in Alaska over the past 10 or so years, it's more than Obama has done in the past 10, and well more than he every did in Washington for the 160 days he actually served in the Senate? (42 of those days were vacation days.)

The people of Illinois should be furious with him because he has done nothing in Washington since he got there and is not representing anyone? Obama's motivation this entire time was not to represent the people of Illinois, rather it was to better himself and work his way to this week in Denver. WHY CAN'T DEMS SEE THAT OBAMA IS A JOKE!

Reasons I don't TRUST Obama or his VP:

Obama can't talk without the Tele-Prompter.

Obama has done nothing while in Office for the people he is supposedly representing.

Obama hangs out with people like Bill Aryes and the two religious dufuses/race baters who in the end are the people who represent his character.

Obama is all talk and never any action - He has no plan and it changes every time he talks about it. You can listen to his speeches and never get them to match up to his stuff on his web site.

Obama hates - Plain and simple. You can't spend 20 years in the church he was in and not say that NONE of that sunk in? Are you kidding me?

Obama can't win an election running against BUSH. Kerry tried it 4 years ago and when you try to make your campaign position to vote against BUSH, who is not running mind you, then you are running an empty campaign.

Oh well. Richard if you are going to be balanced, and I don't think you have to, I would recommend and little more honesty, like this:

"I don't think John McCain is a bright man, he picked a no body for VP, and these three bloggers in Alaska all agree with me. Read On! This is going to be funny and entertaining."

If you had done that I think it would have been more honest.

Now, was the choice McCain made the right choice?

If your a DEM, No cause I think looking at this race and knowing I am going to vote for neither of them, DEM or REP, the DEMs now are in a very bad position. They stand to loose now, maybe not by much but I think they are going to lose and if the election was this weekend it would all be over for Obama. He is not getting the bounce he needed form the Denver DEM week.

On the other hand McCain is also needing a Hurricane free week and one without Bush. Those two are so far apart on issues they need to stay away from each other.

In the end we all lose, because they are both big gov't people and want to do more and take more and I am against all of that. Take less and do less for me. I can take care of myself.

3. Rob McDonagh08/30/2008 01:18:56 AM

This is the second time today that a long-time and well-respected member of our community was given grief for the simple act of blogging about politics. That's truly sad and disappointing.

4. Richard Schwartz08/30/2008 01:38:53 AM

@John: My present work situation limits my ability to post on Lotus-related topics. There will not be a lot. There probably won't be anything technical related to the work I am doing, and I don't have a lot of time to explore other areas of Lotus technology and write about them. That;s just the way it is and has to be right now.

And overall, I have very little time to post. My volume is way, way down. Just 27 posts since Lotusphere. Only four of them on Lotus-related topics, but that's more than the number of partisan political posts.

I count only two overtly partisan posts this year, both of them today. A few other posts today and in the past few weeks do mention or allude to my political preferences, but in the context of describing events in my life and IMHO these are not overtly partisan.

Why two partisan posts today? I'm on vacation, so six posts in two days. Whoopeeeee! And politics is in the news this week.

I will continue to post about what interests me, when I have time, and within the constraints that I'm under. My suggestion is just skip my posts about politics, the way I skip your posts about gaming or new media.

I do make a concerted effort to use subject lines that tell readers what I'm posting about, and I believe you know me well enough to know what to skip. I really don't think I'm overwhelming people's ability to filter, but if a few political posts are too much for you to filter despite clear subject linees, then you probably should unsubscribe.


5. Richard Schwartz08/30/2008 01:42:41 AM

@Rob - Thanks.

@David - Also, thanks. I'll have to get back to you regarding your specific comments, though, as the hour is late and I have a really big day tomorrow.

6. Tim Brown08/30/2008 11:21:59 AM

Richard and I couldn't be farther apart politically -- but it's his blog and his opinion, and it sounds like he is inviting some civil debate. (Keep it up, Richard). Sarah Palin wasn't my first choice as running mate - but let me ask you the question I want to ask all of her detractors: How can the Obama campaign talk about her inexperience without shining at beacon at his own? And what foreign policy credentials does *any* state governor (Clinton, Bush, etc) at the outset?

7. Chris Whisonant08/30/2008 07:12:48 PM

I was going to let your past two posts slide, but I'll comment briefly since others have. Even though Richard and I are probably polar opposites politically, I think we share some type of mutual respect. At least I do for you Richard. Your posts are generally extremely even-handed, well though out and researched, etc... I do respect your thoughts and experiences - even though I may not agree with you. And I, for one, won't be unsubscribing from your blog, though I have done that recently as well - so I see where John is coming from. And since I'm not a developer, I don't read your blog for technical content anyway!

That said, I think the post yesterday was sort of a low blow. I thought you were just going to be wishing McCain a happy birthday and be on your way - but instead you took the chance to make two points (both of which have now become DNC talking points). You implied by the picture that McCain and Bush are very close and you explicitly referred to the tragedy of Katrina - thereby pointing out that the Republicans don't care about the "underprivileged" or whatever Obama was talking about in his speech. Off-topic, I'm extremely glad the citizens of New Orleans are proactively evacuating instead of waiting too long.

So, back to this post, I kind of agree with David and John. You don't have to be fair and balanced here, but if I were to go out and find some hard-core rightwingers from Chicago and link to just their posts about what Obama has (or hasn't done) you would think I was just towing the partisan line. I find it highly intriguing that all of the speeches at the DNC this week (Michelle, the Clintons, Biden, and Obama) had to do with rags to riches stories. Obama's story is pretty close to Palin's actually:

Both had humble beginnings, both started their political careers in a lower level of government and after a short time moved up to a higher office. Then after just 147 days as a Senator, Obama decided to pursue his next career move. I don't think I could get away with being at a job for less than 6 months and then trying to actively get another job for the next few years... But I digress.

Many people are not decrying Palin's experience. Do I wish it were more? Sure. But if you would really be honest with yourself, Palin probably had to make, and take responsibility for, more decisions in a month as a small town mayor and far more as a governor than Obama has had to make in his entire political career. Proof of this is that his most gut-wrenching decision was opposing the Iraq war - which is admirable since he didn't have to actually vote for it. So does Palin have less years of experience? Sure. Does she have a longer record than Obama? That's likely...

And getting to the "ethics violations"? I'm not 100% familiar with all of those circumstances. But let's discuss some of the unethical decisions of other candidates, can we? For political expediency, Obama found legal loopholes to be able to knock people off of the ballots so he was virtually unopposed. That doesn't sound like the "new politics" and bipartisanship that Nancy Pelosi promised us. By the way, I have NEVER heard Obama talk about trying to make bipartisan efforts. Not sure what that means, but by the invictiveness and partisanship with which he's been using in his campaign, I don't believe that working with the other team is on his agenda either. The other team has given us, as citizens of the world, a bad name - and that has to stop... Or something like that...

8. Richard Schwartz08/30/2008 09:48:24 PM

@Tim: Thanks.

@Chris: Thanks, also. And I'll grant that the birthday post was a cheap shot, and (with apologies specifically to John) the subject line was not an adequate indicator of the content for filtering purposes. I will try not to make that mistake again with subject lines in this blog. As for reacting to the rest of the points made here by you and others, that will have to wait. I just got back from dropping my daughter off at college, I need some time to get my head back into the game, so to speak.

9. chris whisonant08/31/2008 09:20:43 AM

hope all went well with your daughter (and parents too!)

10. Ed Brill08/31/2008 11:35:09 AM

@John, surprised you would threaten Rich so overtly. If you don't like it, unsubscribe, just like you've been saying about unfollowing/blocking/unsubscribing certain people on Twitter.

@Rich, I value your analysis, and that of those who comment here, when we occasionally reveal ourselves to be human and choose to discourse of course about politics. I can't do so on my blog (by mutual agreement), but enjoy discussing these topics with people I've known and respect for many years.

11. Bruce Perry09/01/2008 09:48:46 PM

Lots of interesting posts and links lately. Thanks!

And for those of you who think Rich is your polar opposite politically, I see him as fairly centrist and pragmatic - and since I've been both to the right and left of him politically over the years, I have a parallax view.

What is the opposite of a centrist?

12. Richard Schwartz09/01/2008 10:21:33 PM

@Bruce: A circumfrist?

13. Not Posted09/06/2008 04:15:35 PM

My daughter is now an Alaskan (been there since about 2000) and has not been impressed by Ms. Palin at all; very little experience in government (Wasilla is a tiny town and while large, the population of AK is just a bit larger than Washington DC), no experience with international relations, promotes abstinence only sex ed, and opposes a woman's right to choose to keep or abort a fetus except when the life of the woman is at risk (not even for a rape and since she is a victim of rape that one's kinda important).

I'm not impressed...Mr. Obama gets my vote.

Rich - your blog, your choice, keep on posting.

(I love this 'rules' post at a motorcycle forum

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