PermaLinkSeven Years Later, Some Thoughts On Good And Evil
11:08:44 PM
  • Evil is real. This is a fact. We have seen it.

  • Good is stronger than Evil. This is our faith. We feel it.

  • When Good is divided, it is weaker than when it is united. This is our history. We must learn from it.

  • Evil purposely divides Good. This is our adversary, We must know it..

  • When Good divides itself, it aids Evil., This is our weakness. We must avoid it.

  • The methods of Good, applied unjustly, eventually become indistinguishable from the methods of Evil. This is the line. We must not cross it.

  • Evil met with the methods of Evil always results in the survival of Evil. This is our dilemma. We must solve it.

  • As long as some remain Good, Evil can be overcome. This is our hope. We must hold onto it.

  • Those who would remain Good in the struggle against Evil must remain united for justice. This is our first and most vital task. We must remember it..

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1. Stuart McIntyre09/12/2008 03:10:20 AM

Great post, Richard.

2. Roberto Boccadoro09/12/2008 04:59:39 AM

Great post, Rich

3. Devin Olson09/12/2008 07:05:22 AM

Wow. This was a great post my friend.


4. Andy Broyles09/12/2008 08:44:02 AM

This has really struck a chord with me Richard...well done sir!

5. David Bailey09/12/2008 08:50:27 AM

Wow! Thanks.

This should get lots of hits.

6. Rob McDonagh09/12/2008 11:13:50 AM

Brilliant. Thanks, Rich.

7. Mike McGarel09/12/2008 11:45:10 AM

Loved it. I wish there were a "clapping hands" emoticon.

8. ninest12304/23/2016 04:48:02 AM

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