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If you do a Google search today for "Lotus Notes Proxy", three of the top five hits are on, and they won't be of any help to you if your problem is that you are inside a network with a locked-down firewall and the Domino server that you are trying to access is on the outside. If you search the Lotus Notes client help file for information about using a proxy server in this situation, the closest you'll come to getting any help is this:

You may be required to fill in address and port information for the HTTP Tunnel and SOCKS fields. Consult your system administrator to find out.

Not much help, is it? It doesn't actually mention the ability to use the proxy for connections to Domino servers, and it's particularly non-helpful if you're connected to someone else's network... for which your system administrator has no responsibility! There is some information in the Domino Admin client help, but that's no help to you as an end-user.

So it's understandable that Eric Mack didn't have information about how to do this handy when he needed it.

So, here's the scoop. If you are inside a network that doesn't allow the Notes RPC protocol to go out on port 1352 from user's IP addresses, and your server is outside that network's firewall, you will get an error message from Notes -- probably the dreaded-for-its-lack-of-specificity "Server not responding". But if that network does support a proxy server that understands the SOCKS or HTTP Tunnel protocols, and that proxy server is allowed to use port 1352 for outbound connections, then you're in luck! It's quite simple, as a matter of fact, as long as you know where to look.

The settings for proxy servers are contained in the Location document. If you have a one-time need to use a proxy server, you'll want to select "Edit Current" from the Location pop-up, which is second box from the right of the status bar at the bottom of your Notes client window. (Just remember to undo the changes when you're all done using the proxy!) If you have a recurring need for this, it would be better to open your Personal Address Book, click on Advanced and then on Locations, and then make a copy of the Location document that you normally use from outside your office network (which is probably the one named "Internet"), and copy it and then edit the copy and change the name (to something like "Internet/Proxy"). Then click the propeller beanie icon in the Location document:


This brings up the proxy settings dialog:


Enter the hostname of the proxy server on the network (shown as in the picture, but it will be different for you -- ask the administrator of the network you are plugged into!) in either the SOCKS or HTTP Tunnel field. Click OK, and then save the Location document. If you used "Edit Current", you're all set. If you created a new Location document, you just need to switch to it by activating the Location pop-up and selecting its name. From this point on, your connections to Domino servers will be routed through a proxy server -- and as long as the network isn't blocking port 1352 for the proxy server, too, you'll be able to connect.

P.S If you are using Domino servers that are both inside and outside the network's firewall, you may need to fill in the "No proxy for these hosts or domains" information. The administrator of the network that you are using should be able to help you with that if you need it.

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