PermaLinkL - O - L - A LoLA... Lo Lo Lo La Lola. Also, abstracts are due soon.
07:15:38 AM

I can't get The Kinks out of my head this week.

I'm not there, but I keep seeing blog posts about LoLA, the Lotus Leadership Alliance. Maybe I'll have a C - O - L - A, Cola today.

With luck, I'll be at Lo Lo Lo La Lotusphere. Would hate to break my streak. Rocky reminded me yesterday that abstracts are due on Friday. I did a sponsor session last year, so I didn't put in any abstracts of my own, but this year I've got an idea or two that I think merit consideration, so I guess I'll have to find some time tonight to write them up.

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1. Ian White09/24/2008 07:56:40 AM

Bum, you bet my Kinks themed post by 45mins - well done

2. Timothy Briley09/24/2008 10:35:19 AM

October 1980 - Fox Theater, Atlanta. The Kinks in concert.

The Kinks rocked. Really nice show.

BTW, the opening act was a group called the Zones. Had a pretty good lead singer. I think his name was John Cougar. ; )

3. Yancy Lent09/26/2008 10:26:11 AM

I was a kid then but vividly remember hearing that the Kinks were not allowed to play Superman (one of my favorite songs at the time) at a local show because they were afraid people were going to jump off the balcony. I believe the show in question was at Proctors in Schenectady, NY. Not sure the source or if it was a friend of my older sister pulling my leg.

4. C12/14/2011 06:00:37 PM

I dont recall if they played Superman but the Kinks did perform an incredible show that night. I scalped tickets because the theatre was completely sold out. Bryan Adams opened, if you can believe it. This being Schenectady in wintertime, the temperature was lower than Newt Gingrach's IQ. But the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic. At that time in Schenectady, we didn't have many things to get excited about. I remember, when I tuned in that moring, the DJ of the Union College radio station implored Ray Davies to give him a call, but he realized that Ray had something else on his mind.

My first rock concert.

I walked home in the cold.

I turned on Saturday Night Live - it was a re-run.

Guess who was the musical guest?

Best band ever.

5. ninest12304/23/2016 04:47:39 AM

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