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I don't read nearly as many books as some people. I do read an awful lot, but it's just not usually in book form. I usually tend to carry three or four magazines (typical ones being The New Yorker, Scientific American, The Economist, or Foreign Affairs) onto an airplane instead of a book or two, and I can't even begin to estimate how much on-line reading I do.

Recently, however, I learned that two friends had books published. One is Michael Sampson's new book about SharePoint, Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft® SharePoint® Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways . The other is The Presidential Book of Lists: From Most to Least, Elected to Rejected, Worst to Cursed-Fascinating Facts About Our Chief Executives, by Ian Randal Strock. Most of my readers are probably familiar with Michael, but while few if any know Ian. Suffice it to say that Michael is one of the first people I'd actively seek out for objective opinions about any collaboration technology, and his book comes at a very opportune time for me as I need to start getting myself up to speed on SharePoint. Ian, on the other hand, is one of the few friends I'd go up against in a trivia contest and fully expect to lose, and his book comes out at a time when my thirst for anything and everything related to Presidential politics and history is still at a post-election peak. So although books generally take a back seat to magazines and on-line reading for me, I happened to find out about both of these books within the past few day. I ordered them separately, but both from Amazon, and they both arrived today.

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1. Michael Sampson11/26/2008 03:53:40 AM

Wow, cool ... looking forward to hearing what you think!


2. ninest12304/23/2016 04:47:31 AM

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