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Two and a half years ago, I posted a complaint about the RSS feed that was being published on the DominoPower site. The problem was that it wasn't a feed for DominoPower, it was a consolidated feed for a number of publications, and the Domino-related articles were in the overwhelming minority. To his credit, David Gewirtz posted a response to my blog, conceding that it should be changed, and saying "Stay tuned."

Well, time goes by, but a few weeks ago David posted a new comment on that post:

Well, uh, turns out "won't happen immediately" means it took almost 2 1/2 years , but we've finally got them, as of today. You can subscribe to an articles-only DominoPower feed at:

This is Day-One of our availability, so, uh, you might be helping us test the feature, but it's here. So never let it be said we don't listen-ish.

So, I re-subscribed to check it out, and I am happy to report that it now is what it claims to be: a feed for DominoPower, contining useful Domino-related content and nothing to distract. There's a bunch of stuff I can catch up on because I missed it during the long period where I was unsubscribed, and new articles from such fine writers as David himself, Mick Moignard and others. (Hey, Mick! I owe you a return dinner from one night in London several years ago. If you're ever in New England, give me a shout!)

Kudos to David for (a) getting it done, however belatedly, and (b) for remembering to contact someone who had complained about it.

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1. ninest12304/23/2016 04:47:28 AM

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