PermaLinkThoughts on Oracle Buying Sun. Wow!
10:49:29 AM

Almost two months since I've posted anything here. Wow. Longest drought ever, I think.

Today's news about Oracle buying Sun is certainly enough to wake me up. It's a bigger shake-up by far than it would have been if IBM had done it. This will re-shape business relationships throughout the IT industry. Judith Hurwitz has some interesting thoughts/speculations here.

Will Oracle make a move toward the consumer space? Perhaps with an acquisition in mobile technology? Palm?

What will happen to the recent Database Machine hardware alliance with HP? No idea..

Most important to the Lotus community, of course, is that Oracle will own Java. What will they do with it? How will this impact IBM's long-standing committment/devotion to Java? There are certainly other languages out there gaining in popularity on the web, but nothing near as ubiquitous in the industry as Java. With Oracle now in the hardware business for real, and possibly poised to go after a major acquisition in the services space, will IBM draw itself closer to Microsoft?

The next few years will be very, very interesting.

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1. Craig Wiseman04/20/2009 01:22:32 PM
Homepage: http://www.Wiseman.La/cpw

It will be indeed interesting to see how this affects the IBM trinity of WAS/DB2/Java.


2. Ed Maloney04/20/2009 09:55:11 PM

IBM appears to have dropped the ball on this one. This is going to make Oracle much stronger in many areas. Time will tell.

3. Tony Austin09/27/2009 10:20:32 AM

G'day Richard! Long time no see... Java seems to have been pretty important to Oracle over the years, and I don't reckon that they would do anything to reduce its importance and value. I thought that at the time of the proposed acquisition (which some months on has been approved by the powers that be), and strongly suspect that nothing too bad will come of it as far as Java is concerned (and related products/projects like NetBeans, which I like a lot). But maybe the same can't be said for those Sun employees who may now be "superfluous to need" for one reason or another. Now that the acquisition has actually been formally approved, things should start happening and the fate of the various bits and pieces of Sun should start to become apparent.

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