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Wow. Hard to believe it's been two three and a half months since my last post. I've set up a posterous site, which I hope to use for the occasional quickie post. And as I'm doing in this case, I may sometimes expand on the quicke posts with a full-blown blog entry.

With all the ridiculousness that certain   people   conservative commentatators and politicians   pathological Obama-hating paranoid idiots   dangerous, opportunistic media-whores and the people who lose whatever facility they have for rational thought after listening to them   people   are raising about President Obama's upcoming speech to schoolchildren, in spite of the fact that President Reagan and President George H. W. Bush also gave speeches to schoolchildren and the nation somehow survived, I thought I'd ask "The Google" about President George W. Bush's visits to schools. Here's what I came up with:

Bush Visits Md. School to Promote Education Agenda Source: Fox!! Yet somehow in their fair-and-balanced coverage, they didn't include any coverage of the all the warnings from patriotic Americans about the danger of President Bush's diabolical plan to create a private army of students and take over the country! I better hope Bush's brownshirts don't read this post. They'll be after me for sure. Oh, wait... That didn't happen.

Bush Visits High School In Missouri Source: UPI. This was a campaign event! At a High School! Can you believe the brazenness of it? It was a blatantly partisan event, promoting the Cult of Bush, yet somehow nobody thought it at all unusual. No wonder he won re-election in 2004. He brainwashed all the children! OK... He did win, but there's no actual proof that the brainwashed High School vote was the deciding factor.

Kids Meet President (Pres Bush visits Tennessee school) Source: Weekly Reader. I have fond memories of Weekly Reader from when I was young. Look how it has been subvertied! President Bush made a publication that is read by millions of school children into a tool of his evil, anti-American, anti-Freedom agenda. That's why the Constitution was changed and he's still President today! Oh wait.. That didn't happen.

President and Mrs. Bush Visit New Orleans High School, Discuss Gulf Coast Recovery  Source: the White House web site. He undoubtedly discussed all those socialist aid programs for Katrina victims. Oh, Horrors!!! All those government programs that help undeserving people, rob us of our freedom and laid the groundwork for President Bush to subvert democracy and name himself President-for-Life. Oh, wait... That didn't happen.

Bush visits Greensburg, Kan., a town torn and then reborn after 2007 tornado Source: LA Times. The visit included speaking at High School graduation, no doubt to promote yet again his socialist disaster relief programs, which were part of his master plan to steal our freedom. Oh, wait. He kind of did steal our freedom -- mostly with the consent of Congress -- but the CIA, NSA, and Justice Department were his tools for that, not schoolchildren.

Bush Visits Alabama High School Hit By Tornado. Source: Fox. Here, yet again, he was no doubt indoctrinating students about those socialist relief program. It's amazing how nobody noticed the consistency of his pattern until after Bush declared the Democratic Partty a terrorist organization and canceled the 2008 election. Oh, wait. That didn't happen.

President Bush and Laura Bush Visit Ohio Elementary School Source: CNN. Look how early it all started!! He was in schools a month after he took office! By the time 2008 rolled around, the oldest kids in that school were voters! No wonder the Republicans won in a landslide! Oh, wait. They lost. Badly.

Bush Visits N.Y.C. School Source: Education Week. Look how young the kids were when Bush started his indoctrination program! First graders! We're doomed! Doomed, I tell you!

Bush Brings Smiles to Children During Philly School Visit Source: NBC Philadelphia. Look at this! He didn't stop, even after he lost the election! He was still visitng schools in January of 2009!. That was just befrore he declared martial law and canceled Obama's inauguration. Oh, wait... That didn't happen.

President Bush Visit to Bay St. Louis MS Schools. Source: Smugmug. This one is really, really diabolical! The first sentence of the report indicates that the venue is St. Stanislaus College, yet further down it reveals that it is really a High School! This is clear proof of a conspiracy to cover up Bush's nefarious activities long enough for him to finish his brain-washing campaign, dissolve Congress and the Supreme Court, and declare himself Dictator. Oh, wait... That didn't happen.

And last, but not least...The Drama In Sarasota Source: St. Petersburg Times. On the very morning of 9/11/2001, President Bush was pursuing his plan to build his private army of schoolchildren, He was visiting the Emma E. Booker Elementary School on that morning. Does anyone else see the obvious implications? 9-11 was part of Bush's plot to deflect attention from his plan to... Oh, wait... None of it happened. We don't need insane conspiracy theories to explain the fact that Bush was a terrible President who put his administration above the law and eroded the basis of our freedoms in the name of protecting them. And who, by the way, destroyed our economy and substituted partisanship for leadership at every turn, leaving a legacy to President Obama of a broke country fighting two foreign wars, and fighting an ideological war on the home front.

But on second thought, maybe there is a danger. How long has it been since Reagan gave his speech? And how old was Glenn Beck then?

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1. tom oneil09/05/2009 03:27:37 PM

The first I've seen of its kind. Thanks for the resource, Richard!

2. Doug Finner09/06/2009 06:50:15 AM


These are not the droids you seek...

Feel better now?

There are (many) days when I worry about this country. We seem to have become a nation of screamers who won't listen to anything but the sound of their own voices. Then I find something like this: that gives me just a bit of hope.

Thanks for the post.


3. Chris Whisonant09/06/2009 04:42:17 PM

Rich, wow, that's phenomenal. Those evil republican presidents visited a handful of schools to give speeches in person. But NONE OF THE ARTICLES YOU CITED were of a President giving a speech that was fed directly to all public schools in our nation with a DoE script for pre and post-speech activities. When I heard that Reagan and Bush 41 "gave speeches to students" I thought that was rather odd. Of course presidents visit schools, but being that I was actually IN PUBLIC SCHOOL from '83 - '96, I never recall seeing a presidential broadcast directly to us. The two you cited regarding Reagan and Bush 41 were only visits to schools where a speech was made and televised for all to see and not intended specifically as part of the curriculum for the students of the nation.

But anyway, I'm still not too happy about this overall. But after some further thought, I think that it has some potential to be a good thing if President Obama can stay on target with a "stay in school and study hard" message. I also have been thinking hard about this in relation to it:

4. Richard Schwartz09/06/2009 10:14:58 PM

@Chris... from the article I cited on the Reagan speech: "Instructional Television Network fed the program “to schools nationwide on three different days". Since there was not at that time a direct conduit from the White House to "all public schools in our nation" (and there still is not), and CSPAN was not universally accessible to schools either at that time, I see no difference between what was done then and what is being done now. The fact that you might not have seen it may speak either to your school's lack of ability to pull in that feed, or to your school's decision not to prioritize teaching civics and public affairs to students of your age -- or something else, I can not say. As for there having been no "DoE script" provided by the Reagan administration, that may have been due to the fact that the active use of television and other media in instruction in those days was much less formalized than it has become today (which may be good or bad thing -- I don't know), or it may simply be in character with the Reagan administration well-known animosity toward government involvement in education in general and the DoE in particular -- a sentiment that one would think George W. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" activities should have eradicated from the ranks of the GOP.

5. Libby09/07/2009 10:04:02 AM

Good list, but I think you meant to say George W Bush. George HW Bush is the Daddy Bush.

6. Richard Schwartz09/07/2009 11:03:36 AM

Good catch, Libby. The first reference to GHWB was intentional. The second accidental. Fixed.

7. professor smartass09/07/2009 01:29:06 PM

I liked this so much I posted it to digg and reddit. Vote it up so others see it:

8. professor smartass09/07/2009 01:41:43 PM

It just occurred to me: why didn't the White House press secretary slap together a clip reel of all these, quietly have it ready, and when the first Fox reporter asks about whether it's appropriate for Obama to broadcast his message to the classroom, he could say, "I'm so glad you asked! I've got something to show you that will clear that question up," and then dim the lights and play the video.

The greatest asset of the GOP is the public's short memory. Obama's people should start breaking that down as an official communications policy.

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