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07:02:01 PM

Meet the old blog, same as the new blog. But cleaner in look, and hopefully with more regular posting.

After a long period of blog neglect, I'm going to try to re-energize myself and start blogging regularly again. To help kick things off, I decided to do my first major reviison to the look of my blog in years. I decided to stick with the old blogsphere template (really old!), and just strip out almost all of the distraction. I may decide to upgrade or switch templates eventually, but for now this is the path of least resistance.

If there's anyone still subscribing, I guess I'll find out soon enough. Look for a couple of post-Lotusphere thoughts soon, and even some technical articles. Yes, I can still do them occasionally. I'm sure I can. I just have to do it.

The occasional bit of humor, or commentary on things of interest to me in the world around us, will also occasionally appear.

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1. TimB01/27/2010 10:59:51 PM

Welcome back, Rich. With all the political stuff that has gone down, I've kept thinking..."I'm surprised that RHS hasn't weighed in on this."

2. David Bailey01/27/2010 11:21:34 PM

You've gone green!

3. Tommy Valand01/28/2010 02:15:28 AM

Good to have you back!

Your blog need more Douglas Adams, btw.. :P

4. Curt Stone01/28/2010 08:55:29 AM

...and Yankees commentary. :)

5. Doug Finner01/28/2010 06:55:50 PM

Every day, I check my mailbox for missives from the Schwartz (*) and every day, no mail...glad your back!

(*) btw, always wanted to know, what color is yours?

6. Richard Schwartz01/28/2010 10:31:54 PM

@Curt - for sure!
@Doug - Green.
@David - Yep.
@Tommy - I've decided to de-emphasize that. Was mixing too many metaphors. Have decided to settle on "The Schwartz" as my "brand".
@TimB - I'm going to stay away from that. Oh... who am I kidding!? I've got a few things to say in that area, and I'm going to say them.

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