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Just a brief addendum to my thoughts on Lotusphere 2010...

Last year I estimated that if I leave out the pure travel days but do count any of the Saturdays before or Fridays after Lotusphere on which I had actually scheduled pre/post conference business events, then the OGS of Lotusphere 2009 was the 95th day that I had spent "at Lotusphere". That's probably plus-or-minus one, and the actual conference-attending days are only about 85, but I am very confident that this year I crossed the 100 days mark for total time spent in Orlando specifically for Lotusphere. My best estimate is that by Thursday of Lotusphere 2010 the tally was up to 104 days. Many other Lotusphere veterans are probably close to the same mark, and some who travel much longer distances to get to Orlando than I do could probably add their travel days to the total and get closer to 120 days of their lives that have been devoted to Lotusphere. It's not that I think that this is impressive in any real way to other people, but I do find it pretty amazing just for myself. If I add in some Lotus and Advisor DevCons, some of The View's Admin conferences, one user group meeting and several Penumbra Group meetings, it's clearly somewhere between 3 and 4 months of my life that have been spent at Lotus-oriented professional gatherings.

I can't think of anything other than family, school, and my various jobs during the course of my career, that has taken up a bigger chunk of my life. I can only think of one thing that I've done in my life that has been this consistent for more years, year after year, doing the same thing at (roughly) the same time of year, never missing the occasion... and that would be my family's annual visit to Cape Cod on Mother's Day weekend, which we started two years before the first Lotusphere so this will be our 20th coming up this May.

And to think, it all started with a bit of serendipity in an interview for a short-term VB contract


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