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First thing first: If you are attending the Lotus Developer Summit in one of the various cities where it is scheduled, please be aware that if you attended Matt White and Tim Clarke's SHOW112 presentation at Lotusphere 2010 and worked through the example, then you will probably not get a lot of benefit from attending. If you didn't, however, and if xpages have been something you've not done much with hands-on, as has been the case for me, then you should find it worthwhile.

I attended the first summit in Waltham today. There were some of the type of glitches that you might expect at the first in a series of events. E.g., the lab computers were not set up the way the instructor inspected them to be. In fact, they weren't really completely set up, and the PDF containing the slides for the exercises was truncated somewhere before the halfway point. Some helpful IBMers sitting in the back did manage to figure out where the VM image of the lab environment really was, and they found the original presentation file, too. After that things went a lot more smotthly.

There were a lot of familiar faces from the local Lotus community in the room, and the instructor was very good. The material is a pretty comprehensive tour of how to create the pieces on an xpage and put them together, It's doesn't get much into ripping apart the code and explaining how and why it works, though, and I would have liked some more of that, but overall it was a very worthwhile way to spend the day. I may even be able to start using xpages a bit this year.

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