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05:06:43 PM

Sadly, my streak of consecutive Lotusphere conferences in Orlando is about to come to an end. My employer didn't buy a sponsorship last year, but I managed to get approval to attend. This year we're also not sponsoring, and I didn't ask for approval because I felt that some of my colleauges who didn't get to go last year should get their turn. I did put in an abstract for a session, but I felt it was a long-shot, and I was right. (Note: no sour grapes should be read into this. The nature of the work I do now is such that I'm not keeping up with the latest cool stuff that makes for the most compelling sessions.) I could have decided to pay my own way, and I kept that possibility open as long as I could -- even past the end of early-bird discounts, but let's just say that I have other priorities for the money.

So I won't be there. It will feel very strange to be somewhere other than Orlando that week, but the world won't come to an end.

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1. Lance Spellman12/15/2010 07:09:43 PM

We can keep each other company in our not going to sphere this year treatment plan

2. Christopher Byrne12/15/2010 08:22:05 PM

Wow, you and your buttons will be missed. I am equally floored that Lance will not be there...

3. Bill Dorge12/15/2010 09:16:37 PM

WOW! With that kind of streak you think Lotus would just give you a ticket! My streak ended with 12 in 2009, don't think I'll be there this year either, although I'll be down the week after for the VMware Parnter conference.

I wish IBM would think about doing Alumni pricing like VMware does, it rewards those committed to the platform.

4. Roy Rumaner12/15/2010 09:28:24 PM

Looks like there are more than a few of us not going this year. I guess we will have to live vicariously through Twitter and all the other blogs.

5. Peter Presnell12/15/2010 10:25:46 PM

I feel for you Richard. That is an awesome streak. Even after my own streak of one I would feel sad if I got to miss out on all the ls goodness for #ls11. I must say I am impressed with the noble gesture on your part to let someone else attend instead. I hope you are rewarded with a ticket to #ls12.

6. Kevin Pettitt12/15/2010 10:43:48 PM

Bummer Richard, but I'm not going either looks like. Different combination of reasons but like you essentially about money. I'll miss our little chats, as will our 20 or so imaginary Law & Order extras .

7. Keith Brooks12/15/2010 11:53:29 PM

Bummer, who will I snag a new yellow laptop mouse from?
Hopefully the Lotusphere powers that be find a way to help you out for you surely will be missed. As will the rest of you that will not be coming.

8. LongLiveLotus12/16/2010 04:26:52 AM

Seems to be a steady stream of the 'famous' Lotus experts who are not visible any more...
Anyone got any idea of potential attendance numbers?
It's a million miles away from the days when it sold out in 1 hour (or something similar)....

9. Bob Balaban12/16/2010 08:15:15 AM

I'm breaking the streak too. 17 in a row's not bad, though

10. Andrew Pollack12/16/2010 08:17:47 AM

Very sorry to hear that, Richard. We'll all miss you.

11. MikeInNC12/16/2010 08:43:23 AM

Consider yourself very lucky. I've been a Notes/Domino developer for over 12 years and I've yet to get to go! Still holding out hope for next always!

12. Denny Russell12/16/2010 09:42:54 AM


That's too bad. Sadly, this is becoming an all too common occurrence. I'm seeing more and more vendors choosing not to come and the attendees just keep dropping as well.

13. Howard12/16/2010 10:24:01 AM

Rich, you will be missed after all these years!


14. Curt Stone12/16/2010 02:02:27 PM

Feeling your pain. I did 5 in a row and 7 altogether. Always a highlight of my year. Playing a large family trip in August to Disney though. Go Yankees! (please bring on a #2 starting pitcher)

15. Jack Dausman12/16/2010 02:48:35 PM

Nooooooooooooooo. It's just wrong. Sure, when the world ends in 2012, I could understand such an event. But not now.

16. Richard Schwartz12/17/2010 01:36:55 AM

Lance, Bob, Curt, Roy: Sorry to hear you also won't be there. We should get together, form a support group for 'sphere withdrawal.

Bill: Alumni pricing would be a great gesture, but honestly I don't expect special treatment. Sure, I've given to Lotusphere in a number of ways over the years, but I've gotten far more than I've given.

Peter: it wasn't really such a noble gesture to my co-workers. It was more of a kind gesture to my boss, for not putting him in the position where he would have had to tell me no.

MikeInNC: I do consider myself very lucky. I've always found a way before either by paying my own my way, being paid for by my employer, being given free addmission as a speaker or on a press pass. I've had a great time. I've had a great time every year. The best part is reuniting with so many friends. That's the part I'll really miss.

All others: Thanks for your comments. I'll miss you all, too.

Or maybe I'll buy a Lotusphere lottery ticket and see if it hits

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